On 6 March 2013, the Advertising Standards Authority ruled against Your Move Ltd and stated that all adverts made by letting agents (and there is no reason to exclude landlords) must contain details of any administration fees payable by prospective tenants.

Your Move Ltd. were told –

to ensure that their ads made clear when non-optional fees and charges, that could not be calculated in advance, were excluded from quoted prices, and to provide enough information to allow the consumer to establish easily how further charges would be calculated.

Following on from this decision, the Advertising Standards Authority have just issued guidance relating to the display of administration fees in adverts which gives detailed information on how to display admin fees (including fees for credit checks etc.) on all types of advertising media including websites.

The guidance confirms –

Clearly, the ASA ruling creates a new requirement for most residential lettings agents who must now make changes to their websites and ads placed on property portals and in other media.

In addition to the guidance, some specific letting agent information is also available.