It’s been over five years since our last price increase and we are doing it again!

Our annual landlord / small agent option which is currently £80.00 will increase to £90.00 per annum from 27 November 2015. A discount will continue to apply for landlords who are accredited with the PRS Accreditation Scheme and those accredited landlords will only pay £82.00 per annum.

Our larger agent (3 or more staff) option will increase to £129.00 from its current £120.00 per annum.

We have recently introduced a new quarterly option for landlords or small agents which will remain at £29.00 per quarter.

We hope you will agree that we still offer good value even at these new rates.

Because almost 90% of all subscribers (new and old) choose the auto-renew option when given both regular or automatic renewal options, we will be removing the single payment option to all during November. However, there will be no contract or notice period so as long as the auto-renew is cancelled from the account/profile page before the next payment goes out it will be the same as a regular single payment. Payments taken over the telephone will remain as a single payment and won’t auto-renew.

Persons on standing order please ensure you change the subscription amount before 27 November 2015 (or before your next payment is due) to ensure continued access to the secure parts of the website.