The terrible Grenfell Tower disaster has triggered the government to rush out statistics about fires in high-rise blocks of flats amongst other types of properties including houses and bungalows.

The data was due for release later in the summer, but the blaze prompted early publication of the figures.

“In the public interest, it has been decided to include relevant figures in this ad hoc release,” said the Home Office.

“We will update the provisional 2016/17 figures in the summer release. This release also includes information on fire safety audits of purpose-built high-rise flats carried out by fire and rescue services (FRSs), covering the period 2009/10 to 2015/16. Data for 2016/17 are not yet available.

“Due to the exceptional circumstances after the Grenfell Tower fire, and the need for timely and appropriate statistics, independent Home Office statisticians have produced this statistical release focusing on fires and fire-related fatalities in purpose-built high-rise flats.”

Meanwhile police have revealed that 87 sets of human remains have been recovered from the devastated tower – but stress this does not mean 87 people died, they say.

So far, 80 people are presumed dead, with 21 identified.

The figures for tower block fires and fatalities show that since April 2009 and prior to the Grenfell Tower disaster, 47 people died in 7,214 fires in blocks over 10 storeys high.

The full report is available to view here.

Number of fires by property – England

Number of fires by property - England

Deaths in fires – England

Deaths in fires - England