As from 2 July 2018, we will have a new helpline system with new telephone numbers.

Over the last few months, we’ve not been happy with the number of calls that go to our overflow system. The numbers have steadily grown as the Guild has naturally grown. The system works well because every customer gets to speak with a human but, it would obviously be better if your question could be dealt with straight away where possible.

Therefore, from the 2 July, we will start to operate a two number system depending on the nature of the enquiry.

If the call relates to pre-sales, subscription enquiries, technical support or website queries, a new dedicated number should be used: 01423 593248. Examples of the type of query which that number should be used for are:

If the call is an advice and help question relating to landlord/tenant or landlord/agent then you should use:

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Examples of the type of enquiry this number should be used for include:

  • problems with a tenant
  • rent arrears
  • which notice to give
  • which court form to use after notice expired
  • poor agent service
  • rent increases
  • deposit issues
  • what documents need to be given with a tenancy
  • upcoming or existing legislation
  • anything else landlord and tenant related

This line will go to a dedicated team of helpline advisors who deal with these types of question day to day. We will continue to answer this line from time to time so many may not see much change.

We could have gone with a “please press 1 for … enquiry, press 2 for …” but we don’t believe the customer experience of this type of system is very good. We will trial the two number system for a while and see how it goes.

Our contact page has been updated ready for the change.

We truly hope this change significantly improves your overall experience of being a valued subscriber to the Guild.