Due to the huge popularity of our ask a question part of the website, we have made some improvements. In the short time it’s been up and running in it’s current form, we’ve had over 300 questions [1].

Firstly, the question content box now has a rich text editor built in so you can format the question (if you wish) and add links to external websites.

Ask It GRL Landlord Association 2

Under the previous system, there was no option to add categories such as “Rent”, “Possession” etc. These categories are how you can quickly browse certain topics of interest at anytime on our website (see the drop down box on the sidebar or see a full list on our more guidance page under the heading “categories of articles”).

This new system now allows you to select one or more categories which will allow members to not just find questions under this section but also when they are browsing any of the individual categories.

Ask It GRL Landlord Association

Finally, just as before, tags can be added to the post which should be separated by a comma e.g. “rent, arrears, notice”. We don’t display tags on the website because there are so many of them but it helps to have these tags as keywords when members are searching for something on the website.Ask It GRL Landlord Association

As always, all members questions are under that category.

  1. On this form alone in only a few months and excludes emails and phone calls.  ↩