An interim possession order will rarely be used. It is rather complicated and has strict requirements. In most cases the normal trespassing procedure will be used. This section only deals with the IPO and this procedure should only be used in the simplest of cases.

Squatters – Interim possession order a quicker procedure – Information for owners and tenants

What is the quicker procedure?
It is a procedure in which you can apply to the court for an ‘interim possession order’. If the court makes the order, anybody occupying your premises without your consent, that is, squatting, must leave within 24 hours of a copy of the order being delivered to them (‘served’ on them).
You are called the ‘claimant’. The person (or people) said to be occupying the premises illegally are called the ‘defendants’.

If the defendants do not leave within 24 hours, they will be guilty of a criminal offence. You can ask the police to arrest them. If they are convicted, they may be imprisoned, or fined, or both.

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