We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new landlords and letting agents community. It includes a forum for landlords to discuss matters but it’s much more than just another forum. Landlords or agents can follow others, start conversations with people they choose and generally use the community as a meeting spot for like minded people.

There are two sections, one is for any landlord or agent completely free of charge and the other is a private area for Guild members or accredited landlords or agents via National Landlord Accreditation Scheme only.

There’s no need to register as your existing guild username and password will work.

This will be the new place to ask a question and it’s up to you whether you ask in the public section or the Guild section. If you ask a question in the public area please remember that any person (including non members) will be able to see the question and answer. Whereas the private Guild section will only be visible to Guild or accredited landlords. I have no preference as to which is used and I’m going to play it by ear as to how sections and communities build over time.

There is a suggestion box for ideas and thoughts too.