Our latest magazine is now available for members to download free of charge.

New look

We’ve listened to members and the magazine has a totally new look. Primarily it’s a very simple design in one column and barely any pictures or dark areas to be seen. The main reason is now when printing at home, the cost should be negligable compared to previous editions which in the past could be quite ink heavy. Members should now be able to download and print with greater ease and lower cost.

There are a number of other advantages of creating such a simple format. Firstly, it makes the file size very small so reading on mobile devices is much quicker and easier. In addition, it allows for a new mobile format …

New format

In addition to the usual PDF format, we are pleased to announce our first ePub magazine format. By choosing this option on your iPhone, iPad or other mobile device or eReader, you will have the full benefit of searchable pages and much greater ease of reading. Plus of course, you take the magazine with you out and about and read it whenever suits you.

Simply go to www.landlordsguild.com/magazine with your mobile device and select the “ePub” format and open in your favourite application (on iPhone or iPad choose iBooks for example). Other mobile devices or eReaders may need different methods to get them onto your device.