As many know, we’ve had a couple of attempts at providing a debt collection service. In fairness it’s a very difficult thing to provide because of course if the tenant or guarantor is not going to pay you why would they pay someone else?

Anyway, after suspending the service for a short while, we have had a recommendation from one of long standing members (so if this fails, I know who to blame!) 🙂

We are therefore very pleased to announce the launch of our all new debt collection service (again). Hopefully we will get some good results.

The debt collection service operates nationally and has been designed with tenants and guarantors in mind (although it can be used for any debt). The cost is slightly more than previously (20% for Guild members) but I hope this will give good incentive for the company to chase the debts.

Services in brief:

  • No up front fee – no annual fee – no admin fee
  • 20 years experience in debt collection
  • Charge 25% 20% exclusively for Guild members of any money collected
  • First hand knowledge of the landlord, student/tenant market
  • Tracing facility to relocate past tenants. Charge £10-£40

With a no collection- no fee service you have little to lose.

Read more about the debt collection service

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