Often we don’t get time to do as many articles on the website as we would like. More often than not, the more newsy articles have already been written on other websites, for example a government announcement is usually on the gov.uk website, so our article is either a copy (if there is no copyright) or a re-write but covering the same subject. These types of article are often posted on our social networks.

To assist with this problem, we are going to test ‘linked posts’ which in theory should allow us to quickly produce an article on our website which is linked to a post on another website. The linked posts will have a unique look and feel so that you the reader will know it’s not an article written by us but is a link to another post. Linked posts will contain:

  • An arrow symbol indicating it’s a linked post
  • A title of the post which will link to the post being quoted
  • A quote from the post
  • A comment from us (if appropriate)
  • Confirmation of the source and a further link to the post

An example would look like this which we have already added to the website here:

Linked article iconCardiff Landlord Open Day

The event, which is free to all landlords across Wales, is being held at Cardiff City Hall on Monday 20th May from 3-8pm.

The event will provide a great opportunity for landlords to network with other landlords, and to keep up-to-date with the latest on-goings in the industry.

Throughout the day there will be a series of workshops tackling hot topics such as Green Deal, Universal Credit, WALLS, and deposits and disputes.

This is normally a very well attended and useful show for landlords in Wales and worthy of attending. Unfortunately we have prior arrangements on this day so unable to attend and also we are in Wales at the end of May.

Attendance to the show counts as 5 hours towards your continuous professional development for accredited landlords

Source: Landlord Accreditation Wales

This does not affect our reporting on important developments such as new legislation or court cases, it’s less important general news articles which we sometimes don’t get time to write about.

It’s taken some pondering as to how best to do this because we didn’t want to look like we were copying posts from others but equally there are some fabulous sources of news and articles out there and sometimes it makes no sense for us to simply repeat what’s already been written.

This does not mean we will get involved in scare mongering posts throughout the web, we will only link to quality posts by trusted people because our reputation of providing quality and accurate information is more important to us.

We haven’t quite decided whether to include linked posts in our email newsletter "all items" which is our most frequent email and notifies all posts by email. If anybody has any thoughts on this, we would be interested to hear them. One of the best ways to follow our posts is to subscribe to our RSS feed with your favourite news reader as that will be always up to date and accurate.