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4 tenants in single dwelling better than one?

27 Jul 2016 | 1 comment

Ive just had an application from 4 people to rent my house. Should I put the AST 12mth tenancy in one name so I don’t have to rely on 4 separate rents to come in each month? If one then wishes to leave the onus is on them to replace the leaver. Otherwise if they were in 4 names then I would have to find a tenant to replace them? What do you suggest? I am doing a tenancy check on all 4 of them.
Thanks Cheryll Beck


1 Comment

  1. guildy

    You really should put all 4 names on from the outset. I always prefer names to match where possible.

    Your biggest problem would be if you only put one name down and that person left – what would you do about the remaining 3? Could you serve notice? If you could, you wouldn’t be able to use accelerated possession because you would have no written agreement. It might be they would only be lodgers but because they moved in at the same time with your knowledge, they could also be regarded as tenants. At least when all are named, there are no questions like this.

    Even with four names, if one left, the others could look for a new tenant. The remaining 3 would be liable for the whole rent whilst one was found because they would all be named and it would be joint and several.

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