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50% premium on Council Tax

7 Dec 2016 | 2 comments

Hi folks. I have just purchased a flat in Southampton. The conveyance took 10 months due to lease issues. I completed on September 8th. Southampton City Council are now wanting to charge me 50% premium because the property has been vacant since March 2014. Surely I cannot be responsible for this? I would value anyone’s input who has been in a similar situation.
Thanks Steve Gulliver



  1. guildy

    This is perfectly normal. It is to try and get empty properties into use as quickly as possible. The amount payable is based on the length of time the property has been empty and has nothing to do with when a person may buy or sell (but obviously you will only liable from the date of purchase).

    Please see this article for full details.

    • srg3457

      Thanks for your swift reply. The reason I ask is….I have read the Government guidelines and it states….
      The government’s intention behind the decision to provide billing authorities with the power to charge a premium was not to penalise owners of property that is genuinely on the housing market for sale or rent.

      It took me 10 months to complete! The council are penalising me for previous vacancy which I feel is wrong. I have paid up the normal amount but am refusing to pay the premium as it was a situation that I had zero control of. I guess they will have to take me to court and see how the Judge views their refusal to follow Government guidelines (I know they can do as they wish but it is pretty petty behaviour)

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