Accelerated eviction for anti social behaviour after a section 21 served?

by | 2 Aug 2016

We have a tenant on an AST, the term has ran out and is now periodic. After complaints from neighbours about suspicious activity the police have gotten involved and have informed us to evict him or they will look at a premises closure order. We served the section 21 and are now wondering if we could go through the accelerated possession procedure? We have an email from police to add to paper work that we HAVE to get him out.


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  1. guildy

    Assuming the section 21 notice has now expired (not sure when you served it) then you can use the accelerated procedure. Please have in mind that the section 21 is not served for any reason. Nor should any reason be given because that could delay proceedings.

    As long as you can prove service of the section 21 and everything is in order with notice, you are guaranteed possession for the simple reason that you gave them the section 21 notice.

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