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Accelerated possession application

6 Mar 2021 | 2 comments


I am about to submit an accelerated possession claim.

I understand the relevant form is N5B.

Are there particulars of claim and/or a cover letter I need to accompany or just the form itself would suffice?
I also understand I don’t have to give ground for the claim but can I tell the judge, for example, the property is on sale and there is outstanding rent and if so where do I include the information?

please advise.




  1. guildy

    You shouldn’t add any covering letters or additional information that’s not requested in the form as this could cause delays (and in the most part will be irrelevant to entitlement to possession).

    However, under current Coronavirus rules, you must include a notice with the papers about any effect of the Coronavirus there has been on the tenant. This won’t affect the outcome (as long as everything is in order you’re always entitled to possession) but it may determine it’s priority for listing. A sample notice is provided on our court form page.

    You can download the court form which includes guidance for completing here.

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