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Bill Payments

31 Oct 2017 | 3 comments

How much should you allow for bill payments – £15/£20 per month? I have rentals in the Derby area. The students normally pay the bills themselves, but I have been asked to include bill payments into the rental charge.



  1. guildy

    I’m afraid we just don’t know. It doesn’t sound enough to us what you suggest but it depends on size of house, how old it is and number of occupants.

    A good starting point would be to look at the EPC. That will have annual costs and then recommendations as to what could be done to save money and by how much.

  2. guildy

    Sorry, just to add: we wouldn’t specify any amounts in the agreement. Just keep it simple and have a simple rent figure. It might take you a year of letting this way to figure out the bills!

  3. samandi

    Thank you for coming back. I meant £15/£20 per person per week, just wondering what other landlords charge in the derby area. Some students prefer to have the rental charge including bills – gas, electric, water, tv licence and internet.

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