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Types of Tenancies (England)

Can I act as landlord in grandchildren Property

2 Apr 2018 | 1 comment

Some years ago I gave my 2 grandchildren a property and I have continued acting as landlord, they are now 21 and 23 and could want to move in themselves. The existing tenant has handed in their notice to quit. Using form Foo1 01/18 on a 1 year contract. If I continue acting as landlord would this cause a problem should one of them want to move in?


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  1. guildy

    There is no requirement to own a property to be a landlord. The definition is:

    “landlord” includes any person from time to time deriving title under the original landlord and also includes, in relation to a dwelling-house, any person other than a tenant who is, or but for the existence of an assured tenancy would be, entitled to possession of the dwelling-house;

    Therefore, what you need is an entitlement to possession in some way. This could be by way of you renting it from them and then sub-letting or being a part owner. As long as you have an “entitlement to possession”, you can be a landlord.

    Alternatively, you could act as their agent although rules about qualifications for agents are currently being consulted upon (and we don’t know if they will include agents not operating as a business).

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