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Can I evict a tenant after they get Environmental Health in

5 May 2022 | 1 comment

The tenancy started in 2010 and the wife is extremely difficult and obstructive. They have contacted Environmental health and we have received a s239 notice stating that Environmental Health will be doing a full HHSRS assessment. I do not know what the grounds are but know the tenants want double glazing throughout the house even though EPC assessor advised us not to focus on double glazing but other recommendations. Can we evict the tenants as we have endured them too long and its making us ill? Both me and my partner are unemployed and have no access to funds if a large job is required. What happens if we cant pay ? Do we have to sell? Is that grounds to evict them if we put it on the market? I have read that there is a 6 month protection period when tenants cannot be evicted. Does this apply to us? And what date does the 6 month start from?



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  1. guildy

    The six months apply when you’ve received a notice to do work, but from what’s described, the notice is only about an inspection at this stage.

    We would suggest getting the notice served right away as that may assist. However, if the tenants have previously made some requests for repairs that haven’t been done, the notice could be seen as retaliatory to avoid doing those repairs. However, it’s quite an extensive test to establish retaliation.

    In the first instance, please read this guide on retaliatory evictions and if it doesn’t apply, you can serve notice using our notice Wizard.

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