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Claims on deposit plus Sharing information with guarantor

2 Nov 2021 | 0 comments

I have an ex-lodger (excluded licence) who served notice (thankfully) and moved out before his notice expired (31/10/21).  He did not do any cleaning (some food and possessions remain) and did not return keys nor communicate with me over the preceding 2 days (ignoring my text).  I had the locks changed first thing the following morning & performed check-out without him.  He returned the keys within a couple of hours.  I notified him of my intention to bill him for new locks and keys (DIY not locksmith); cleaning; replacement of 2 blinds (x50% cost); stair carpet stain removal/ cleaning and a couple of missing items.  Both the carpet and blinds he had previously accepted responsibility to undertake (text evidence) but now refutes liability and claims ‘wear and tear’.  He occupied his space for 14 months.  He furiously denies liability for lock change.  He accepts his liability for cleaning but refutes the estimates I provided.  I then offered him the opportunity to provide his own quotes and/ or for his guarantor to attend in person/ virtually for a walk through.  I also asked what he would like instead.  He has not responded (granted, it’s only 24 hours). I am super keen to get everything sorted and re-let ASAP.

So, he won’t agree to majority of deposit deductions (nor provision of forwarding address), although there is no requirement for DPS, I prefer to reach agreement. Where do I stand?  Am I permitted inform/ involve his guarantor (mother) in pursuit of fair & prompt resolution?  NB. I have strong suspicion of gambling & substance abuse (chaotic, erratic, tardy with rent, debt collection letters, huge amounts of booze).  I assume I cannot let her know these?  This is so hard when a) she would surely want to help him & b) I am knowingly letting her finances be at risk. Comment & advice much appreciated. 



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