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company let and type of notice and proceedings

6 Jun 2016 | 2 comments

6 mnth company let expired 12 months ago, company recently dissolved and 4 months rent arrears. Given this context what type of notice and proceedings are required to evict the occupiers whom we have no names for … and we dont know of any agreements between them and the dissolved company

Many thanks



  1. guildy

    You will need to establish the types of occupiers in order to establish whether or not they are assured shorthold tenants. This is the most likely that they will be and there would need to be a good reason for them not being.

    Assuming that’s the case, upon the ending of the head tenancy between the landlord and the company, the occupiers become the (what was) head landlords tenants.

    They will need to be served a section 21 or section 8 in the usual fashion.

    See what you can find out about the occupiers and how they are there and perhaps come back to us. It might be worth by phone if it’s a bit complex.

  2. eden2011

    Thanks, so how does one end the head tenancy? does his need to be done first and if so how?

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