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Copy of Government’s How To Rent guide

3 Jun 2018 | 4 comments

It is a huge waste of paper and expensive cartridges if the guide has to be printed out each time there is a new tenancy. Is there an electronic link that can be emailed to the tenant? Many thanks in advance to any reader who can indicate an electronic link.



  1. guildy

    The legislation requires that a hard copy be given to the tenant unless you have the tenants express consent to receive it by email. If you have consent and send it by email, a link won’t be enough and the physical document will need to be sent by email.

    Our application for accommodation and tenancy agreements seek express consent from the tenant.

    Our Tenancy agreements come with the guide built in so no additional work is necessary.

  2. green123

    Thanks. What government dept. issues the How To Rent guide and do they have a tel. number or email address to send out copies? My printer ink cartridge bill is astronomic and I’d rather get them directly from the government, as they are imposing this rule. Thanks in advance for any info.

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