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Cracked glass on built in hob. Tenant or landlord’s responsibility?

27 Nov 2020 | 1 comment


One tenant has reported her built in hob has a crack running the length of it and will need replacing.

The landlord is straight on to me, asking who is liable as it wasn’t cracked when the tenant moved in 4 years ago. Normally, as it’s a built in appliance, the landlord would be responsible but I’m not sure on this one, it could be accidental damage by the tenant.


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  1. guildy

    Never an easy one.

    As a general rule, we would say it’s the landlords responsibility unless negligence can be proven. Tenants can get insurance to cover accidental damage to landlord items and it’s not the landlords fault if tenants don’t do this. However, we’re in the real world and it’s going to be highly unlikely the tenant will ever replace.

    We had a built in oven with drop down door and the tenant claimed the door glass “just broke”. It was clearly obvious they had dropped something on the door whilst it was open but what could we do? We just replaced.

    As a side note: in our personal home, our hob had a crack just like you describe after I accidentally stood on the corner whilst painting in the kitchen. It literally kept working for 4 years (with the crack getting bigger and spreading beyond a single crack) until only a few weeks ago when I finally had to replace with new!

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