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Deaf tenant and smoke alarms

15 Jun 2022 | 1 comment

I have two profoundly deaf tenants in different properties.  One is very pro-active and has installed his own smoke alarms which has a strobe light to warn him, the other is a vibrating pad which sits under his pillow when asleep.

The other tenant has confirmed he has not installed additional equipment to alert him.

The property has numerous hard-wired with battery back-up smoke/heat alarms , do I have a further responsibility to place extra measures in his flat due to his disability?  I am thinking of the risk assessment section that mentions vulnerable people.  Or is this the tenant’s responsibility?


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  1. guildy

    Firstly, if the property is within a block of flats or a shared house, we would say it’s part of the risk assessment for escape from a fire. An adaptation (e.g. a visual sounder) would likely need to be installed as part of the risk assessment.

    If they asked for it to be installed, you would have to consent (in any property), being a reasonable request and reasonably simple to achieve.

    One way around it might be to ask if they have an iPhone. That has a unique setting under accessibility where it will constantly listen for specific sounds, including a smoke alarm, and send notifications, including vibrating. If they are happy with that solution, that could be logged. That being said, the iPhone solution expressly states that it shouldn’t be relied upon for anything that may cause harm!

    Toolstation does a sounder with a strobe if it’s a fire alarm panel.

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