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End of tenancy cleaning

3 Aug 2021 | 1 comment

The Tenant Fees Act states it is illegal for landlords to charge tenants for professional end of tenancy cleaning services. However, if the tenant is in breach of the clause that says they will return the property to the same standard as when they moved in, does this not amount to a breach of contract entitling the landlord to charge (essentially) for cleaning? Or put another way, how can the landlord be compensated doe the breach of contract?


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  1. guildy

    Yes, you can claim anything which is a cost as a result of a default of the tenancy agreement including cleaning.

    Have in mind they’re entitled to fair wear and tear which can get a bit debatable for that type of term. We’re not sure it would comply with Consumer Rights Act to say has to be as clean as when moved in as the clause needs to have the allowance for wear and tear. For example, a tenant of 10 years wouldn’t need to leave it in exactly the same state, compared to someone being in for 6 months for example.

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