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EPC Certificate Renewed Remotely?

9 Mar 2021 | 2 comments

We have come across a company that is offering renewal of EPC certificates remotely without visiting the property  on the condition there are no changes to the property and will provide another 10 year certificate. Is this legal/valid?



  1. guildy

    We are rarely stumped here at the Guild but have to say we’ve no idea if this is correct or not!

    We do know it’s possible for an assessor to produce a report for a flat if it’s in a block of same/similar flats and everything can be established by just looking in one of the flats.

    But, to do a renewal based upon assumptions we’re not sure.

    Have in mind that an EPC doesn’t need renewing when it gets to 10 years. A new one is only next required when the property is advertised for rent (or sale) and to give to prospective tenants/buyers. Whilst a tenant remains in occupation, a new one isn’t required.

  2. 1476

    I have now heard that an EPC assessor has to tick a box to confirm he has visited the property on the computer program they use to register a EPC so it appears it is not possible to generate one remotely.

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