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Evidence for section 8 ground 14

29 Dec 2020 | 2 comments

When serving a section 8 notice with ground 14, do I need to include EVIDENCE to the tenant of the anti-social behaviour, or just an explanation? (I am not planning to start court proceedings after this notice, but am also serving a section 21 notice.)

Also, when using the section 8 wizard, it says I need at least 18 days between service date and expiry date, but I understood that no notice was required in Wales for ground 14?




  1. guildy

    You should be okay listing and describing just the events that are being complained of rather than including any physical evidence at this stage.

    You’re right that ground 14 doesn’t need any particular notice period (except at least 4 days for service).

    The reason we suggest 18 days is just to be cautious during pre pandemic times where another ground such as rent arrears (not necessarily ground 8) might be included. At least if it’s the length of other grounds (in normal times) and ground 14 was found to be false, the other ground(s) should remain okay as enough time will have been given.

    However, in your case and without other grounds, you can choose to give less notice or stick with 18 days. It’s not going to matter either way.

  2. 1080

    With the new l year tenancy agreements in Wales from yesterday – does this apply to Student lets as their courses vary in months.

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