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Gas Safety Certificate/Meter not working

21 Oct 2016 | 2 comments

My Gas Safety Certificate for the flat I let needed to be renewed in August but because the gas meter was broken (which I hadn’t been made aware of) they wouldn’t pass it. I was informed that the gas supplier needed to fix it and as the gas supply is in my tenant’s name that only he could make an appointment to make that happen. I asked him to make an appointment to get it fixed and after quite a lot of to-ing an fro-ing that went on for weeks, he said that he had done so. I made another appointment this week to come back with British Gas only to find that the meter hasn’t been fixed. The tenant’s gas supplier will not speak to me or make an appointment as I’m not the name on the account. My tenant told me that he’s made an appointment to get it fixed in November but I have been able to establish that he has not in fact done so. British Gas have now written to me to point out that I am in breach of the law. What can I do to resolve this situation please?



  1. guildy

    I’m not entirely sure the law has been broken. Presumably, if the gas meter is broken, there is currently no gas being supplied to the property. As a result, no harm can come to the tenant from a faulty gas appliance.

    Furthermore, it seems to us that you have been and are doing everything possible to get the gas safety completed.

    Just make sure you log everything that you have done and keep attempting to get it done as you have been and I’m quite certain the log will be an adequate defence should the health and safety executive intervene.

    You could contact British Gas to explain too.

  2. JungleProperty

    It would be interesting to know precisely which law British Gas say you have broken

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