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Hard Water

23 Mar 2018 | 3 comments

Hi Adrian,

I have a tenant who has issues with hard water in his apartment – it leaves mineral residues in the sink etc after each use, kettle needs frequent cleaning.

The water is perfectly safe to use. It is a central london flat so hard water is to be expected.

We have looked at some options. Primarily installing a water softner but this would then need the filter changed every 2/3 months.

Am not keen to have additional plumbing to maintain as I am sure it will fall to landlord under section 11.

Where do we stand under section 11 – am sure as long as the water is safe we do not have provide anything further in term of softening.




  1. guildy

    In our view there’s nothing that the landlord needs to do in this case. The tenants complaint is with the water authority not the landlord.

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