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Tenant Relations and Dealing with Complaints (England)

How to handle neighbour complaints about tenant?

24 Jan 2018 | 3 comments

Neighbour rings landlord and complains about e.g….tenants dog barking during day/tenants car too noisy….

The TA has clauses that cover this activity but what legal obligations (if any) does the landlord have deal with these type of nuisances?



  1. guildy

    This can be a very difficult situation.

    In the first instance, we would inform the neighbour that you will send them a letter but that the neighbour should also approach the tenant if they feel comfortable.

    The neighbour can also be advised to speak with the anti-social behaviour team at the local authority (most will have some form of team to deal with this type of situation).

    Ultimately, you could serve a section 21 notice if you really wanted but you’re not obliged.

  2. JungleProperty

    Thank you Guildy for the prompt response. So in these type of issues, you don’t believe the landlord has any liability under the Housing Act (1996)or S79 – S82 of the Environmental Protection Act (1990)?

  3. guildy

    We can’t think of anything in Housing Act 1996 requiring private landlords to take action?

    If you get a notice from the local authority under Environmental Protection Act, that can be considered as to it’s reasonableness (or whether it should be served on the tenant themselves).

    It’s more likely to be dealt with under the Anti-social Behaviour Act but again you’ve not received any notices and it’s morel likely action would be taken against the tenant directly.

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