Illegal Parking

by | 4 Mar 2017

Hi, I am the landlord for a flat in a purpose built block with allocated parking. For some time now many of the allocated parking spaces have been used by neighbours without permission and many tenants cannot get their spaces. As clamping etc is now outlawed, or so I’m lead to believe, how do we go about sorting this out. And yes we have spoken to the illegal parkers and got nowhere other than causing animosity.



  1. guildy

    At time of banning clamping, the Government introduced an ability to put up signage on a property and then invoice the keeper of the vehicle for the illegal parking.

    Crucially, what changed was that in the past you had to prove that the driver of the vehicle had accepted the contract by way of signage and only the driver could be invoiced. Now, the keeper of the vehicle can be invoiced irrespective of whether they were the driver.

    We personally use a company a company called CPM – UK Car Park Management for our properties and they send out the signage for free. Then, you photograph an illegal car and send it to them (I just email it) and they issue a ticket. They are supposed to pay a certain amount of any ticket payments received but after 4 or so years we’ve never received any payment! Also, they are fairy useless at replying to emails. However, all that being said, I know for a fact they issue tickets promptly and chase them vigorously. The law allows any person to check with the DVLA to get the keepers details. Therefore, we’ve had huge success with this company (there are also others that do exactly the same thing who might be better). Our town centre properties which had major parking problems have basically gone with little problems now. The company charges the driver £100 per day.

  2. JungleProperty

    I think since the October 2015 version of the British Parking Association Code of Practice was released, it is no longer industry practice to pay commission.

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