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Repairs Found After Inspection

2 Apr 2016 | 3 comments


I’ve just done an inspection. One of the bathrooms hasn’t been cleaned in 6 months and the silicon seals in the shower tray are black and mouldy. The other 4 bathrooms have been well maintained and the seals are clean and white. I need to remove the mouldy silicon and reseal to ensure the shower doesn’t leak. How do I go about doing that and charging the tenant?





  1. guildy

    I think you should give the tenant the opportunity to correct the problem first. We have a template for that purpose here.

    If you have a rough idea how long they intend to stay, might it be worth waiting until they have gone and then using the deposit?

    Otherwise you can go and do the works but there will be an element of fair wear and tear they are allowed so it can be difficult to quantify how much they should pay. In particular if they say it will be fine before they vacate.

  2. thegentleway

    Thanks, will use the template provided.

    There are also some burn marks on the kitchen work top (brand new). Is that fair wear and tear? If not, how do you work out how much to deduct?



    • guildy

      These are difficult to know for sure but I think it is beyond fair wear and tear. A hob is for hot items and metal pan stands are available.

      Obviously small burns and scratches will be fair but beyond that not. If you felt a new worktop was the only way, a deduction for wear and tear would need to be considered.

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