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Joint tenancy references

12 May 2022 | 1 comment

If in a couple only one person is working and therefore paying the rent, how is this reflected in the references checks? Specifically, one of my prospective tenants has just recently turned permanent with their employer (from a temporary contract) and are worried this might negatively impact on their pre-tenancy checks. The other person, however, is able to cover the full rent by themselves. Would this be taken into account? What else could be done? If they fail their checks based on this alone, it might affect/void landlord insurance, and I’d have to turn away otherwise perfectly good prospective tenants.


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  1. guildy

    We’re slightly confused about why somebody going from temporary to permanent employment could ever be a negative thing.

    However, ignoring rent guarantee insurance for a moment, referencing is a very personal thing, and it’s up to you what criteria you choose. Personally, on our properties, as long as the whole household can afford the rent (whether that is by one or more of them), they have a home-owning guarantor, and they don’t have adverse credit (CCJ’s, bankruptcy etc.), they would be acceptable. We require a home-owning guarantor in all cases and advise all landlords to do the same.

    But, if you use a rent guarantee service, they will entirely determine the criteria, and you would need to consult the policy details.

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