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Legionella risk assessment

8 Feb 2017 | 5 comments

I’ve just been sent a message from my agents to say they will be carrying out a legionella risk assessment on all properties, at a cost of £125 each time to the landlord. Never come across this before – is this a legal requirement now, or can I say ‘no’?



  1. guildy

    Yes, this is a legal requirement. However, there is no reason why this couldn’t be completed by yourself and we have a template available (free to subscribers of the Guild).

    Please see here for full details of the requirements.

    • Pendrive

      Okay – many thanks for the quick response. When did this requirement come in? It’s the first I’ve heard of it, while I have two properties in two different parts of the country with different agents – the second agent has never mentioned it.

  2. guildy

    2013 was when it started to apply to normal domestic property (before then it was mainly just commercial or larger residential)

  3. JungleProperty

    Take care about how often the agent carries out the assessments at ‘£125 each time’ it could get expensive as many agents now see this as another annual revenue stream and one agent in my area has even set up a company just doing these assessments. The legionella risk assessment should be reviewed regularly in case of any changes to the system and specifically if there is reason to suspect it is no longer valid and make any necessary changes as a result of that review {If anyone tells you this should be reviewed annually, ask them to show you the regulation or HSE guidance that says so}.

  4. Pendrive

    Thanks, JungleProperty. It’s the first I’ve heard of this from either of the two agents I use, and so there is no risk assessment at all at the moment. But both of my houses are small and fairly new, and relatively uncomplicated in terms of water systems, and so looking at the information, I think I will take guildy’s advice and do it myself, using the template. £125 sounds a lot for what is involved, it seems to me.

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