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Tenant Obligations (England)

Liability for Debt incurred by tenant – landlord Responsibility?

15 Jun 2018 | 1 comment

A tenant (AST) left his Flat owing rent amounting to £4000 (having kept Housing Benefit/Universal Credit). During his tenancy on 16/03/17 Police were called to address (by tenant) and Police apparently acting under the authority of a Duty of Care to me instructed Rapid Secure Ltd to secure address. I had no knowledge of incident. On 08/05/2018 out of the blue, I received an invoice addressed to Owner/Occupier in the amount of £204.00 from Rapid Secure Ltd Debt Recovery. I contacted Police for further information and find a copy of the Crime Report would be £83.30. I assume, given that the tenant, had already frauduently, kept Housing Benefit amounting to approx £4000, was upto some insurance scam & duped police into attending the address claiming a break in. The tenant vacated the flat on the 04/06/2017. There was no evidence of any damage to the property other than the lock had been changed. Presumeably, by Rapid Secure Ltd. Am I responsible for the tenant’s debt to Rapid Secure Ltd? Rapid Secure Ltd claim as owner of the property I have to pay. Also, do I not have the right to know the full facts of the incident from both the police and Rapid Secure Ltd, if I am being held responsible to pay a bill I know nothing about? Alistair Graham.


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  1. guildy

    In our view, the tenant is liable to pay the invoice and not the landlord.

    If you wanted, you could ask them under what legislation the landlord is liable to pay!

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