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Locks on apartment doors

27 Jan 2022 | 4 comments

I have two self contained apts with a communal hall between them. One front door between this hall and  the outside and is used by both flats. Individual flat door to both apartments are off this common hall. One tenant with a two year old yesterday went to the main door in the common hall the to outside space, for the postman and inadvertently the two year old who was in the apt shut the apt door, locking my tenant out. I think she turned the lock.  The tenant  had not got her keys. She had her phone tho, called me and I was able to let her in quite quickly. I received a text this morning saying that the turn lock I had on the door was dangerous and should be changed. I was under the impression this was the advised lock for front doors. If it’s wrong could u advise what the correct lock is please. Thank you.



  1. guildy

    Under the Fire Safety Order 2005, all means of escape doors leading to a common hallway must have “key-less” exit. From what’s described you already have thumb turn which is the best type in our view and better than a Yale type as they’re really easy to accidentally lock out.

  2. amazonia

    I have 3 flats onto a communal stairwell. The fire safety officer advised me that all the individual front doors should have thumb latches so tenants can escape without the need for keys.

  3. patricia

    Thank you for your help.

  4. markdunn

    You could put up a key safe by the flat’s front door so if the tenant were to lock herself out again she can gain easy access back into the flat. I hope this helps.

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