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Locks on bedroom doors

6 Aug 2022 | 3 comments


we  have a 3 bed flat being let under 3 single tenancy agreements. It is an HMO, do we have to have locks on each bedroom door?



  1. guildy

    There’s no specific legislation expressly requiring this, but we think locks would make the tenants happier and feel safer.

    Where they are not a single group of friends (as an example), the tenants would most likely prefer locks, which wouldn’t be unreasonable in our view.

    Our view would therefore be that locks ought to be installed where it’s individual tenancies and people taking the rooms at different times.

    You must put keyless exit under HMO rules where you install locks. We wouldn’t recommend the Yale-type lock because you might get callouts where people have accidentally locked themselves out. Instead, we put thumb-turn euro-cylinder locks on all ours.

    Example setup:
    Door handle

  2. BurnhamRental

    These Yale locks are PERFECT for HMOs (in fact most houses too)

    You provide the Tenant with either a key fob, credit card or key code to access their room – its a simple thumb turn to get out.

    Landlord can have just one fob for him/herself that will open ALL doors, so no bunches of keys.

    These locks are battery operated and batteries last for a good 18 months from my experience (Ive had these on over 20 doors for 4 years or so)

    What you do is give the Tenant a fob or key card and then TEXT them their door code – if they get locked out they look at their phone for code.

    When tenants leave, the codes and fobs are re-programmed in under 2 minutes and you text the new code to new Tenant.

    You can even issue a 24hr code valid for a tradesperson too if you need to – so they get 1 days access but no more after. – you MUST get the one with the little card symbol in middle !!

    You can get them as low as £50 if you search around.

  3. BurnhamRental

    If you have a uPVC front door, you can also fit one of these. – expensive but once done its done.

    That way, the key fob will open front door and their own room door for each Tenant.

    Landlord can program their own key fob to open as many doors as they wish – 10 or 10,000

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