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N5b Form

13 Dec 2021 | 7 comments

Evening, I have a query regarding question 17b on N5B form. This is regarding the gas safety certificate and has two boxes with the below wording.

Dates of issue:

Dates of service on the defendant:

To confirm, is the ‘dates of issue’ the date on the gas safety certificate? i.e when the gas safety certificate was completed?

The dates of service on the defendant is the dates given. I.e would before the initial tenancy began, then dates of the next annual certificates?


Many thanks in advance,




  1. Openhouse

    Thank you guildy, I looked at the example on completing the form and the date of issue and sate of service was the same on the example, so thought I would check.

    Last question, the form asks that the How to Rent Guide is also sent. As that was given in hard copy (printed from the Gov website), I didn’t save a copy – do I just print out the How to Rent guide version at the date of when the tenancy started?

  2. Forest

    Morning, when completing the N5B form (accelerated possession) questions 19 c & d are not applicable do I leave these unanswered or cross out and add N/A ?


  3. guildy

    They can be left blank because the questions state “If you answered ‘Yes’ to either 19a or 19b” …

  4. Openhouse

    Sorry one more query regarding the dates for the gas safety section. Last year the newly completed gas safety certificate I sent in the post to the tenant just with a compliment slip for their records. As I realised I didn’t have confirmation of service of this document, I also served it via email prior to serving a section 21 in October 2021.

    My question is, do I write on the form both dates I served the Gas Safety Certificate, i.e by post and email (Even though effectively it was the same Gas Safety Certificate served each time?)

    An updated Gas Safety certificate was completed last week when it was due, which again I served this new certificate via email.

  5. guildy

    We can’t think of any problem to put the two dates (1 for post and 1 for the email). Both those service dates will have the same issue date (i.e. when gas safety completed) but even though we’ve not seen that before, can’t think why it would be an issue. It will reflect the true and accurate position.

    We would also include the latest one even though it’s irrelevant for section 21 purposes (but it shows a continuous compliance with the regs which we think is partly what it’s there for).

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