Immigration Act and Right to Rent (England)

no objection letter re a visa

21 Apr 2017 | 1 comment

Hi I have currently 2 tenants of Indian nationality residing in one of our properties. She has phoned today asking for a letter of no objection so that her parents and her child can come from India and stay with her for a few months. She says this is required for their visa. I have never been asked for this before and unsure firstly if we should do it and if so what wording should be used
many thanks


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  1. guildy

    Although I’ve not heard of this either, it does make sense. The Home Office will want to be satisfied that before allowing them residency in the country, that they have somewhere to live.

    The first question to ask therefore is do you object to them staying?

    If not, then it’s okay to do a letter. Something like this should suffice (which may need a little modification).

    If they plan staying for a longer period, you may consider giving all adults a new tenancy. However, given the situation, I don’t think this is necessary.

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