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Order of Possession

23 Nov 2017 | 3 comments

I have received an N26 Order of Possession on line on PCOL. Will the tenants receive it in the post or do I have to send it to them. They are complaining that they haven’t received anything from the court. Also,
their solicitor has asked that if the tenants pay a months rent and £200 off their arrears would I let them stay there after the date of possession. Is this normal practice



  1. guildy

    The tenant will be sent a copy but no harm in sending a copy to their solicitor (via email if that’s how you’re communicating).

    We wouldn’t say it’s normal but yes, often solicitors will try to negotiate a settlement.

    It will be a difficult decision for you! The only thing we would say from experience is that they might pay the first one but generally if they’ve been a bad payer, they’ll always be a bad payer and will soon go back to their ways!

    • ColemanEstates

      We have a tenant who’s deposit was protected after the 30 days time of receiving. The deposit.

      In order to start eviction procedure I am informed that we must use a form 6a but do we have to return the tenants deposit first ..? Then apply through courts and or what if the tenant refuses to accept the deposit..? How do we commence legal proceedings..? Can you assist us in evicting the tenants in this situation ..?

      Please advise asap

  2. guildy

    Yes, you will need to repay the deposit in full before you can serve a section 21 notice.

    This can be done by cheque and allow 7 days for the cheque to be banked. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t banked (it’s just easier if it is). Please see here for full details.

    It depends on the dates of the tenancy as to which notice you should serve. Our wizard will determine the appropriate notice depending on the specific circumstances.

    Once the notice has expired, you will then need a court order for which see here although you’re some way from needing this link just yet.

    If you have any troubles after visiting those links, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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