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Pre-Action Plan prior to serving notice

7 Oct 2020 | 1 comment

The infomation on the Guilds website appears to imply a “pre-action plan” only applies if rent arrears are the reason for giving notice to the tenant. Is this correct?

Also is there any template letters availible for when theĀ  “pre-action plan” is to followed prior to serving notice for a rent arrears issue.



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  1. guildy

    You are right the main thrust of the majority of the pre-action plan is about rent arrears.

    However, within the five steps (which must be followed before serving section 21 or section 8), the first step says “The landlord should write to the tenants outlining the reasons possession is being sought.”

    The steps then go on to say “if possession is for rent arrears …”. This shows that whatever the reason, we must outline the reason possession is being sought before serving. Then, “if” the reason is rent arrears, there are extra steps to take (as outlined in the plan).

    We haven’t had chance to prepare any templates as yet but it is high up on our to do list.

    Full details here:

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