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Renewing AST

17 Jan 2022 | 12 comments

I have used your AST for a tenancy, one year ago. The tenant has requested another contract. I usually allow tenants to roll onto periodic, but they would feel more comfortable with another contract. Please can you advise what I need to change? Do I have to relodge deposit etc?



  1. guildy

    Like you, we prefer to leave as rolling periodic but, if all parties are happy to do renewal, that’s fine too.

    We always advise treating the renewal almost like new and all documentation should be sent again which includes: how to rent guide, EPC, gas safety, electrical safety and deposit information.

    However, as long as the deposit is in same scheme and all parties are exactly the same, it doesn’t need unprotecting and then re-protecting. It’s fine left as it is. If the deposit is an insured one, it will likely need a new insurance fee paying (check the terms of the individual scheme).

    You can get a tenancy from our Tenancy Builder.

  2. sjcollett

    Thanks for this. I’ve just tried to find the tenancy on my dashboard and it’s not showing up. Please can you point me in the right direction to find previous ASTs?

  3. guildy

    Apologies for that, it sounds like you perhaps created the first agreement in the old Builder (can’t quite remember when we changed over).

    The new Builder has many new features (e.g. integrated digital signing) so wasn’t compatible with the old Builder.

    We’ve designed the new Builder to hopefully be more future-proof and easier to upgrade over the years.

  4. sjcollett

    Ok I can do this but FYI it isn’t showing any profile data and won’t let me fill any in? Just flagging as maybe a bug?

  5. sjcollett

    Ignore that, I;ve understood I have to start a profile from scratch

  6. guildy

    Just as a quick comment, the profile is optional (but by filling it in one time, will save you time whenever you create a new agreement).

  7. sjcollett

    Yes, I always preferred my profile inserted. Cannot get it to recognise EPC cert number so I’m stuck!

  8. guildy

    If you’ve got the PDF version, you can select “upload” from the dropdown under EPC and upload it to the system.

  9. sjcollett

    Yes I did this but it says “Something went wrong with Certificate number or Registration. Please check or try again later.”

    Tried multiple times.

    Don’t have PDF as it’s a recent EPC

  10. guildy

    If you find it online and print the page as PDF, then upload that PDF (that’s all our system does is go to the number and prints the page).

    If unable to print as a PDF, email us at with the link to the EPC online, and we’ll send back the PDF.

    It’s possible the government system is experiencing difficulties (which is what our system uses).

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