s21, change in tenancy names

by | 11 Jul 2017

i have father , mother and daughter in the 2 bedroom flat.
father and mother only on tenancy.
now they are asking for a new tenancy for father, daughter and her new husband
would i be able to use s21 in future, should the need arise
also i think i will need to repay deposit and re-register new deposit


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  1. guildy

    We assume the daughter is aged 18 or over otherwise they cannot be a tenant.

    Other than that, this would be an entirely new tenancy due to the change in tenants.

    You are correct the deposit would need unprotecting and then re-protecting under new composition of names.

    If the deposit is in a custodial scheme (where the scheme holds the money), assuming the tenants agree, you could have it repaid entirely to you and then you can promptly put it back in the scheme under the new tenancy.

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