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Duty to Provide Name and Address of Landlord (England)

section 48 notice same if new buyer of property

22 Sep 2016 | 4 comments

hi is the section 48 notice informing of new landlord details exactly the same if a new purchaser of the property just bought the property or is any added detail needed to be conveyed to tenant please?



  1. guildy

    Same form is suitable for all circumstances including a recent purchase.

  2. samuk

    thank you – is there any need to assign the previous owner/landlords tenancy agreement over to the new owner landlord or does the new owner have the right to issue possession proceedings in his name based on proof of ownership

    • guildy

      No, the section 48 effectively takes care of it. The tenant remains protected (and remains a tenant) as the statue moves the tenancy to the new owner. The section 48 is required to provide details of that new landlord.

  3. samuk

    Great – thank you for the reassuring information!

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