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Section 8 notice periods RE:Covid

4 Feb 2021 | 1 comment

I may be reading the guidance incorrectly but it appears after a tenant is 2 months in arrears a S8 (g8,10,11) can be served with 6 months notice rather than the normal 14 days. However, 4 further months into this 6 month notice period the tenant would then be 6 months in arrears. So could another S8 be served with the required 4 week notice which is the requirement for 6 months+ arrears.? This would then potentially shave 1 month off the original S8 served.


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  1. guildy

    We had do some working out but yes that seems right!

    Below are my notes for calculating and includes 4 days for service on each notice. Hopefully the notes make sense.

    1 Jan 500
    1 Feb 500

    2nd Feb serve notice (6 months)

    1 March 500
    1 April 500
    1 May 500
    1 June 500

    2 June serve notice (4 weeks)

    1 July 500

    4 July can commence notice served on 2 June

    1 August 500

    6 August can commence notice served on 2 February

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