short tenancy

by | 7 Mar 2017

want to rent for short period 4/5 months and have set date for end of tenancy, as i wish to renovate at the end of tenancy, can i do
this and what paperwork would i have to put in place if i found someone willing to do this?



  1. guildy

    This is no different to any fixed term assured shorthold tenancy in that if you want the property back at the end of the term, 2 months prior notice will need to be served and then if the tenant fails to leave, a court order would be required.

    You can create a tenancy for any length of time you wish (for example four or five months) but since 1 October 2015, the section 21 2 months notice cannot be served within the first four months of them moving in. This means in reality there is little point in giving anything less than a six month fixed term.

    However, in your case, you can still give the four month term and ensure your advertisement and any discussions during the viewings are clear that you intend to renovate after the end of the term. That way you are likely to find a tenant who will leave voluntarily at the end of the term because they are only wanting it short term anyway. In our view advertisements would need to make it clear because it’s material information that will affect the tenants decision making process.

    If you give a four month fixed term and they haven’t gone, after 4 months plus one day of them moving in, you will be able to give a section 21 notice and then if still not gone, obtain a possession order through the court.

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