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Statutory Periodic – Re-issuing Documentation

13 Jul 2018 | 2 comments

One of my 6 month tenancies has just rolled over to a Statutory Periodic Tenancy (NLA Tenancy). Do I need to re-issue any documentation eg the new “How to Rent Guide” or The Prescribed Information (as recommended by My Deposits and would I just re-issue the original deposit information)? All paperwork was issued correctly at the start of the original tenancy. I never have re-issued before, but all this legislation is making me paranoid!!!

Thank you.



  1. guildy

    Where the how to rent guide has been updated since it was last given when it goes statutory periodic, it must be given again (and it has changed just recently).

    You will need to update MyDeposits that it’s gone periodic otherwise they will unprotect the deposit. If they give you some new documentation, that could be sent to the tenant but we believe you just notify them and no documents are produced.

    The prescribed information and protection is deemed to be done where it was all done correctly when first received.

    Nothing else is needed.

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