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Sub-letting and Assigning Tenancies (England) | Types of Tenancies (England)

Sub Letting

29 Jan 2018 | 4 comments

Hello Adrian, I have been approached by a landlord who has agreed that their existing tenant can sublet. I am not experienced in this market all and would like to know the answer to a couple of queries I have!
1) The tenancy would be drawn up by way of a licence?
2) The head tenant, will not need to protect the deposit?
3) If the sub lessee stopped paying rent, can the head tenant change the locks?
4) Is there a mini lesson anywhere that can highlight problems so I can avoid them?



  1. guildy

    This is commonly known as “rent to rent” whereby one person rents a property and then that person rents to another.

    Please see this article which should have all the information you need.

    Spoiler alert: try and avoid at all costs – it’s very complicated!

    • JacquiCourtier


      I am acting on introduction only and the person paying for our services if successful will be the tenant with the landlords permission, does this make a difference?

  2. guildy

    The problem is, what type of agreement are you going to give the head tenant? (We don’t know and hopefully that article will guide as to which agreement will be necessary depending on the circumstances).

    We don’t have a suitable agreement without modification (which we are unable to do).

  3. JacquiCourtier

    Hi Adrian Ok thank you very much. I shall read it tonight, thank you again for all your advice

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