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16 Jul 2017 | 2 comments

Can you put a payment down, on your tax return, for yourself carrying out work at your own buy-to-let property, or has the work got to be carried out by a contractor? i.e. before changeover of tenants, painting a room, doing the garden, re-grouting, clearing away the rubbish, etc? I have been told as it is your own property you cannot charge a payment for carrying out work, it has to be put through by a contractor?



  1. thehesp

    That is correct. If you are self employed (schedule D) for taxation purposes on your rental income and you own the property then all you can claim is the expenditure for ie cleaning products, paint, rubbish bags ect Whatever work you have a contractor do there total bill is set back against your rental income.
    There are no exceptions to this, if you own the property you cant claim your labour/time

    • samandi

      Many thanks for your response.

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