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Tenancy Agreements (England)

Tenancy Renewal

16 Jul 2017 | 1 comment

My tenant is on a periodic tenancy as the 12 months tenancy finished Apr. After a number of attempts to renew they have not got back to me. What implications as a landlord would this have on me. I think they may want to move out and that is the reason behind it. I have messaged them to say that it is beneficial for them to renew the tenancy. What should I do??


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  1. guildy

    Our general advice is not to do a renewal and leave it running as a periodic tenancy. Although we accept the tenant can leave upon notice, even during a term, if a tenant wants to leave they generally will.

    The best periodic tenancy to have (for landlords) is a contractual periodic which is where there’s a term in the tenancy continuing into a periodic tenancy. Our tenancy agreements work this way.

    Please see here for guidance about the end of a fixed term.

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