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Tenant internal dispute.

24 Feb 2021 | 1 comment

Ongoing issue between three tenants that don’t get on with each other. Tenancy ends last day of June.

No rent arrears. Joint AST / HMO.

One tenants wants to leave and on a number of occasions has found a replacement for himself but the other two have turned that replacement down. I have made it clear that if a suitable replacement is found I will happily sign a new contract to terminate last day of June.

There is much bad  feeling between them.  I get on very well with the two currently there and although I’ve not seen the absent one for a while we have no issues between us. Seems that the two in the house are not going to cooperate with the third one to get a replacement contract as they are happy to have the house to themselves and the third person continues to pay rent whilst absent.

I wish to consider all possible outcomes and one is that the absent one might try to sublet her own room to someone against the wishes of the two already there. I would never agree to this. The two in the house would never accept this either. If this were to happen what could I do to get that person out ? What could the two occupiers do to get that person out? Would the new comer be a tenant of some kind or an intruder that can be physically removed from the premises by myself with the assistance of the two current occupiers?




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  1. guildy

    This is fairly unlikely in our view and perhaps best to look at if it happens then we know all the precise circumstances of the individual case.

    But, a tenancy would not be created. The occupiers would have greater powers because they could potentially be a displaced residential occupier (which means they can call the police).

    Alternatively, it might be you need a court order against the new occupier but this would be a quick trespasser procedure and nothing like normal possession.

    Please see here for more details.

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