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Tenant is a danger to the flat

30 Jun 2021 | 1 comment

I have a difficult tenant that I am concerned about. I’ve already served S21 but want to check if there are any other options to get him out sooner. S21 expires at the end of the tenancy (around 4 months from now).

  • Tenant is having a mental breakdown – these are the words of his family, not mine.
  • He caused some damage to the property (damaged walls, broken cabinet, burnt carpets). He told me that he damaged the walls by smashing them.
  • He smoked in the property against the terms of the tenancy agreement. I have periodic inspection reports that he signed and pictures as proof.
  • He has just been arrested for drunk driving – he told me that and it was confirmed by his family.
  • He forgot an iron that was switched on in the flat when he went abroad. I discovered that during an authorised visit. I was by myself, unfortunately no witness. I have a photo but ot sure how much it will prove.
  • He paid rent in advance until the end of the tenancy, so no rent arrears.
  • He told me that he wants to leave the tenancy early, we talked about the arrangements but now he changed his mind and wants to stay until the end.
  • He partied there a lot but I have no noise complaints or complaints of him smoking anything suspicious as proof.

Are there any options that you see to get him out sooner than S21 allows?


1 Comment

  1. guildy

    From what’s described, we can’t see anything extra that could be done and you’re using the correct procedure that we would advise.

    Although there are some breaches of the tenancy, the notice would be the same length but you’d then have the added problem of a court hearing trying to prove the breaches which could be very difficult and extremely time consuming.

    Section 21 has no reasons needed and as such should be easier and likely quickest.

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